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I have been teaching Nepali in school for quite a while now and always loved the idea of teaching. So, when one of my colleagues casually mentioned Kakaaki, I was all ears. Upon further inquiring I found out that Kakaaki is an infant company born in 2020 amidst coronavirus. At its heart, the company aims to flourish Nepali language and culture to people outside the vicinity of Nepal. It aims to transform the language learning scenario with the help of motivated and experienced teachers from Nepal. It gravitates people towards Nepal and its rich history, culture, and above all its wonderful language. After finding that out I was excited to start the journey. So, I was initially interviewed and my official journey began.

The team at Kakaaki consists of friendly teachers managed by Managers who are always there to mentor and guide us. I never feel like I am working around them. I can go so far as to say I am proud to be associated with the team. From the beginning of my journey they were very supportive and I never once felt it was a virtual team, with the proper induction and assurance that my goals fit into the company’s goal I got to be a part of the team. Be it online meetings or any technical errors the company handles everything smoothly to give the students the ultimate learning experience. The co-workers are always there to support and help each other, while we (teachers) get to learn new techniques and ideas that will definitely enhance our teaching skills. The students also happen to get a new form of learning.

The monthly meetings are largely focused on handling the grievances of parents/students if any and highly concentrated on delivering the best teaching experience. We have been brainstorming and researching different ways through which we can provide value to the students. We not only provide quality education from teachers who have been teaching in Nepal for many years. We are solely focused on providing curated and specialized classes to meet the needs of students. Be it a 7-year-old child who wants to learn, read, write and speak Nepali or an adult who is new to the language. We have classes that meet all the requirements.

We take the help of everyday objects and words to help students understand the concept of language. With experienced teachers who have been working in the same field, our primary focus is to ease the learning process for which we not only give theoretical knowledge but we also provide an array of resources. We understand learning a new language can be tricky sometimes, so we also incorporate our teaching with lots of games, quizzes, songs, role-plays, and conversations.

As a teacher, I am glad to be associated with Kakaaki and I hope everyone has the same experience.

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